There is such a large amount and variety of information involved in this review that it can simply not be stored in one place or presented in one way. As such I have adopted a multimedia method of presenting and used numerous ways to store. A list of these can be found here. 

Documentation for this dissertation has been widely and sparsely hosted online. The reasons for this are two fold, in part the resource capability of any one of these freely avalaible online services would not be able to handle the considerable amount of material and mulitmedia in this review and that by adapting them and using a number in conjunction, I am able to create a much richer and smoother experience than otherwise capable of. The second reason is that I continue to find suggestions that many of the services, tools and resources available online today are much more useable and accessible that many realise. In the hopes that experiencing these various resources in the scope of this report may increase the awareness and comfortability of any viewers or readers of this review.

This is the central list of these resources listed in the aim of assisting the navigation and direction of viewers, however, please be aware that the interactive demonstrations developed highlight and lead readers through this review much more accurately than suggested here and the dispersion of this material makes viewing only from this menu limiting.


There are several sections and 
varying content under this heading, please select from;

- Information about Me
To see more about me, see my blog or "virtual card" on Xeesm 

- Information about this research 

            about the topic?
            about the process?
            about the university details?

- Information about the content, regarding; 
            the content (research sources, links shown)
            the layout (navigation issues??)
            the tools (please try some of these, ask away if probs) 

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Jess(ica) Maher

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