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    As my interest and ideas within these areas developed (influenced largely by the large percentage of travelling done after I graduated, talking to Kiwi’s all over the world), concepts around business development naturally arose once I was back to “working life” again. While back in the “real world” it continued to plague me that my life was appearing to be shaping up as one where I spent two years of life working, unhappily longing for the weekend again every Monday morning, in order to be able to spend 7 months travelling to amazing places, meeting wonderfully diverse people (including many Kiwi’s!) and having amazing, life-altering experiences.

    Drawing on my experiences of the “expat” culture in the Middle East and contrasting this with backpacker culture common to any South American hostel, a variety of business concepts grew out from this. By September 2009 there was a group of 7 who have been exploring and trialling ideas around collaboratively driven business / career / personal coaching and networks which continue to change and develop. This ensures I am at least hopefully opening up my “tribe” to the possibilities of utilising SNSs for some benefit and planting the seed of the notion, that maybe it is time for our generation and each of us personally to take responsibility for the subconscious models we limit ourselves to by unwittingly accepting structures and processes the way they are, when these are increasingly failing to meet the changing circumstances of the modern world.

    Rather than being victims of our future, we each have the opportunity to play our part. If you are not sure where to begin there are a number and variety of ways suited to different levels of commitment and expertise. As I write this I am reminded of a particular YouTube video which many have probably seen, called The Lost Generation (you can view this by pressing play on the video here). And the reality is that these pressures and trends in society are by no means a new movement. It seems to be the cumulation of many, many different examples of such initiatives for years to come. One very powerful example, from 1992, which is still commonly referred to today was from a 12 year old girl who spoke at to the UN, commanding silence and self review in a strong speech which is awe inspiring.  This is now yet another piece of evidence of such a movement which can be found from YouTube alone. This video was almost twenty years ago, when I was not even a teenager myself, and yet, while I write this, I am aware of my need to emphasize and demonstrate these pressures to the reader, despite us still being stuck in the same position. Its uncanny. But realistically, who is society and whom is capable of changing it? 

    Obviously, we are all what makes up society, and collectively, are the only ones whom collectively can influence it.